Rediscover Classic Books

Illustrated Editions & Professional Formatting — for a Richer Reading Experience!

At AP Books Redux, a publishing arm of Alden Press Books, we tip our cap to the authors who came before us, those who created and shaped the genres of stories we enjoy today — from gothic horror and suspense stories to psychological fiction and adventure novels. We are now presenting new editions of these classic works in print and ebook format that include new, never-before published illustrations to complement our clean and visually pleasing transcripts that these influential authors richly deserve.

Join us as we honor our past storytelling heroes, offering you the opportunity to journey back to the very beginnings of your favorite genres and truly savor the works of these creators who forged new and uncharted paths in the world of literature. Cheers!

Click on the link below to see our current list of titles, and make sure to check back often as we look forward to publishing more and more classic books.

Looking for some contemporary stories? Click below to see our selection of newer works across different genres.